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The GRE® Tests

Completing your view of applicant strengths

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About the GRE Tests

Advancing quality and equity

The GRE tests were created more than 70 years ago to provide common measures that would enable graduate applicants to be compared, regardless of their background. The GRE Program’s dedication to fairness exemplifies nonprofit ETS’s mission to help advance quality and equity in education for all people.

Today, thousands of graduate and professional programs around the world use GRE scores as part of their holistic review of applicant strengths.

Learn more about the GRE Program.

GRE General Test

Read about the test and why it plays a vital role in the admissions process.

GRE Subject Tests

Read about the tests and how they can help you evaluate applicants’ readiness in specific disciplines.

Reducing Barriers

Learn about ETS’s efforts to reduce barriers for aspiring students, including reduced fees, free prep and test accommodations.

Fairness and Validity

Find out how ETS and the GRE Program make fairness and validity a priority.

Test Security

Learn about measures ETS takes to ensure that the GRE tests are secure.

Advisory Councils

Learn about forums for the exchange of insights and ideas among leaders in graduate, business and legal education.

Support for graduate and professional schools

ETS and the GRE Program are committed to providing the tools you need to enroll a diverse student body and meet your admission and recruitment goals.

  • Get free access to the ETS® Data Manager, a convenient online portal to access scores and Analytical Writing essays.
  • Find and engage with the right prospective students  through our cost-effective recruitment tools.
  • Get advice on designing validation studies at no charge.
  • Find holistic admissions strategies for a stronger graduate program.

Do you need additional information before becoming a GRE score user?

Contact the GRE Program at or 1-609-683-2002.