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GRE® Test Preparation Modules for Student Workshops

ETS is introducing free GRE® test preparation modules for advisors and educators who conduct workshops with students. The modules, which include video presentations and additional resources, focus on test familiarization for the GRE® General Test and can complement institutional test preparation activities.

Advisors and educators can choose the module that best fits the amount of time they have to devote to test familiarization for the GRE General Test.

  • Module A is for advisors and educators who want a general overview of the GRE General Test that is covered in less than an hour for a short workshop with students.
  • Module B is for advisors and educators who are planning much more extensive test prep instruction and skill building activities in summer research and other types of programs.
  • Module C provides information about the GRE General Test at home option available to meet the needs of students who are unable to take the GRE General Test at a test center due to public health concerns.