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The GRE® General Test

One test for graduate, business and law school

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Using the POWERPREP® Practice Tests with Accommodations

As part of the simulation of the actual GRE General Test testing experience, POWERPREP Online and POWERPREP PLUS® Online also provide the following accommodations to simulate the experience of testing with accommodations:

  • extended time
  • extra breaks
  • screen magnification
  • selectable colors
  • screen reader and refreshable braille compatibility

To ensure you have as authentic an experience as possible when taking the practice tests, we recommend that you use Google Chrome™ and select only those accommodations for which you have been or may be approved for when taking the actual test.

Before launching a practice test or installing the GRE Practice Test software, be sure that your device meets the system requirements.

Accessing the POWERPREP practice tests for the first time

To start practicing with a POWERPREP practice test, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Shop for Test Preparation section of your ETS account.
  2. Add a POWERPREP practice test(s) to your cart and select "Next" to checkout.
  3. Once you’ve completed the checkout process, your POWERPREP practice test(s) will be added to the My Test Preparation and Services section of your ETS account. Select "Go To Practice Test" to launch your test.

See below for instructions on how to select testing accommodations and download the practice test software to use them.

Selecting accommodations

  1. On the first screen of the practice test, check the box "Select testing accommodations for this practice test."
  2. Select your testing accommodations from the expanded list.
    • If you need extended time and/or extra breaks as an accommodation, make your selection(s) and proceed with your test. You don’t need to download the GRE practice test software.
    • If you need screen magnification, selectable colors, screen reader or refreshable braille, make your selection(s) and provide your email address when prompted. You do need to download the GRE practice test software.
  3. On the next screen, you’ll be instructed to install the GRE practice test software. A Practice Session Number and Passcode will be provided on screen (and sent to your email address) along with additional instructions. 

Downloading the GRE practice test software

If you selected screen magnification, selectable colors, screen reader or refreshable braille, you’ll need to download the GRE practice test software. To install the software and launch your practice test, have available the Practice Session Number and Passcode provided on screen and sent via email after you made your accommodation selection(s).

Selectable colors and screen magnification (ZoomText®)

  • The version of ZoomText installed with the GRE Practice Test Software won’t work independently of the GRE POWERPREP practice tests.
  • If you already have an existing version of ZoomText, it isn’t necessary to remove it from your computer before installing this version of ZoomText.
  • If you normally use screen magnification software, it will not work with the GRE POWERPREP practice tests.
  • If you’re a Mac® user who needs selectable colors or magnification accommodations, you’ll need to use your own screen color and/or magnification software when taking a practice test.

Screen reader and refreshable braille compatibility

  • Braille supplements, which include tactile graphics, are available for use with your practice test. To get this material, contact Disability Services. Include your Order Number and ETS ID when requesting materials for the POWERPREP PLUS Online practice test.
  • Before starting your practice test, review the following:
    • Instructions for POWERPREP Online Supplement Booklets (PDF)— Instructions for handling your supplemental materials and identifying the appropriate supplemental booklets as you navigate through your practice test(s).
    • Taking the GRE General Test or Using POWERPREP with JAWS® — Important information about custom regions, using JAWS hotkeys, using the on-screen calculator with JAWS and help for JAWS screen reader users.
    • Important Note on Screen Reader Performance in Review Mode— In some cases, spaces between words may be missing in the screen reader presentation of answer explanations. This won’t occur in questions in the actual test or practice tests.