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The TOEFL Junior® Tests

Building English-language confidence

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Prepare for the TOEFL Junior Tests


Discover what to do before the test, what to expect on test day, how to prepare for the test, score reporting, and policies and guidelines.

Sample questions

Review sample questions with students to familiarize them with the test format and content.

TOEFL Junior Standard

TOEFL Junior Speaking

TOEFL Junior Writing

The right books at the right reading level

The best way for students to improve their English reading ability is to read. TOEFL Junior scores and Lexile® measures make it easier to find the right books at the right reading level.

Each TOEFL Junior score report includes a Lexile measure, which puts the ability of the reader and the difficulty of the text on the same scale. This takes the guesswork out of choosing books at a student's reading level.

Browse the ever-growing Lexile Book Database and find the right books for your students.