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The GRE® Tests

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GRE Events

For all audiences

Benefits, Drawbacks and Value of the GRE Test

Each component of the application packet serves a purpose, and each has its imperfections. Join John Augusto (Georgia State University) and Terry Ackerman (University of Iowa) as they take a deep look at the GRE General Test and its role in a holistic admissions process.

Key takeaways:

  • Get clarification around the purpose, benefits and limitations of the GRE General Test
  • Learn how to interpret GRE scores and how to know whether a difference in two applicants' scores is significant or meaningless
  • Better understand sources of bias in admissions and the role of GRE scores in helping or hindering bias

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Adapting Your Recruitment Strategies to Evolving Trends

During this session, we’ll explore the latest information about graduate enrollment and student flow trends, recruitment lessons learned during the past 18 months and tools for finding and connecting with prospective candidates. enrollment goals. We’ll also share three ways to increase your graduate recruitment effectiveness on a budget, from results of a recent ETS/Chronicle of Higher Education survey

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Understanding Application Criteria to MakeBetter Admissions Decisions

The reality of graduate admissions is that programs need to make quick decisions about complete strangers based on limited information. But is there a way to improve your decision making? In this session, you’ll learn about the purpose and benefits of various components of the application packet, as well as strategies for mitigating drawbacks of each component to create a holistic, equitable process that works for your program.

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GRE Test Prep Workshopfor Campus Educators

Join us for a complimentary on-demand GRE Test Preparation workshop. This popular 4-hour session will provide you with information that can help you create your own GRE test preparation workshop for students.

Members of the GRE Program and Assessment Development team who develop the test will present on these topics:

  • Overview of the GRE Program
  • Overview of the GRE General Test
  • Preparing for the Verbal Reasoning Measure
  • Preparing for the Quantitative Reasoning Measure
  • Preparing for the Analytical Writing Measure

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For Law Schools

ETS Knowledge Briefs

ETS Knowledge Briefs is a series of interactive, 30-minute webinars designed for law school representatives and pre-law advisors who would like to get to know ETS a little better. Most sessions are focused around the GRE test, which is becoming more widely accepted by JD programs. We also discuss other resources, services and topics of interest to the legal education community. To encourage an open conversation, sessions are not recorded.

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