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The GRE® Tests

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GRE Events

For all audiences

Connecting Holistic Admissions, Diversity & Student Success

Graduate programs are increasingly adopting holistic admissions as a way to clearly see applicant potential, fairly admit qualified students, and achieve diversity goals. But there’s more to holistic admissions than just considering everything an applicant can bring to a program. In this session, learn about the full breadth of practices that promote fairness and mitigate bias, as well as strategies that can help you achieve your enrollment goals.

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Adapting Your Recruitment Strategies to Evolving Trends

During this session, we’ll explore the latest information about graduate enrollment and student flow trends, recruitment lessons learned during the past 18 months and tools for finding and connecting with prospective candidates. enrollment goals. We’ll also share three ways to increase your graduate recruitment effectiveness on a budget, from results of a recent ETS/Chronicle of Higher Education survey

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For Law Schools

ETS Knowledge Briefs

ETS Knowledge Briefs is a series of interactive, 30-minute webinars designed for law school representatives and pre-law advisors who would like to get to know ETS a little better. Most sessions are focused around the GRE test, which is becoming more widely accepted by JD programs. We also discuss other resources, services and topics of interest to the legal education community. To encourage an open conversation, sessions are not recorded.

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