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Recruitment in an Evolving Graduate Enrollment Landscape

Graduate enrollment management (GEM) professionals must adjust their recruitment and enrollment strategies in response to the ever-changing enrollment landscape. Join graduate recruitment expert, Jack Klett, as he shares new data about the graduate education market.

Topics and takeaways include:

  • Current undergraduate and graduate enrollment data.
  • Domestic vs international graduate learner trends.
  • Student and employer perspectives on alternative credentials.
  • The evolving graduate student learning journey.
  • Strategies and tools for expanding your applicant pool and increasing engagement.

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A Guide to Holistic Admissions

There's more to holistic admissions than just considering everything an applicant can bring to a program. In this session, learn about the full breadth of practices that promote fairness processes that mitigate bias, and strategies that can help you achieve your enrollment goals.

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Search Strategies: Real Stories from Real Users

Every year, recruitment strategies become more complex, and recruitment tools are more abundant. The GRE® Search Service — a powerful database you can use even if you don’t use GRE scores — can help you find students who are a good fit for your program. The GRE Search service has helped thousands of graduate and professional programs find students who match their recruitment goals.

If you want to know how best to do something, why not go right to the source? Please join ETS student search and recruitment experts for “Search Strategies: Real Stories from Real Users,” as they share tips to improve your applicant search. Plus, current users Brett McAllister, Director of Graduate Admissions for the Halmos College of the Arts at Nova Southeastern University, and Andrea McHale, Director of Admissions for Full-Time and Global MBA programs at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business will share how their student search strategies have been enhanced by using the targeting features of this low-cost, highly effective search platform.

In this engaging session, you will:

  • Discover how to target candidates based on your program objectives
  • Explore the GRE Search Service features and benefits that align with your resources and goals
  • Learn directly from Search Service users how they have leveraged the platform to engage and enroll students
  • Apply strategic use-cases to your graduate student search process

Whether the GRE Search Service is new to you or you are a seasoned user, these stories from active clients will provide insights and ideas you can use for your own student searches.

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The Benefits, Drawbacks and Value of the GRE® Test

Each component of the application packet serves a purpose, and each has its imperfections. Join Terry Ackerman (University of Iowa) and Maureen Grasso (North Carolina State University) as they take a deep look at the GRE General Test and its role in a holistic admissions process.

Key takeaways:

  • Get clarification around the purpose, benefits and limitations of the GRE General Test
  • Learn how to interpret GRE scores and how to know whether a difference in two applicants' scores is significant or meaningless
  • Better understand sources of bias in admissions and the role of GRE scores in helping or hindering bias

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The Shorter GRE: Your Questions Answered

As the result of a renewed and focused effort at ETS to ensure that learners and educators are at the center of all we do, we are making some big changes to the GRE General Test and want you to be the first to know. The GRE test will continue to measure the same skills and maintain the strong quality and security you expect, with valid and reliable scores for confident decision making.

Importantly, the score scales will remain the same so you can easily compare performance across individuals who test before and after September 2023.

Beginning September 22, 2023, testing time will be reduced by half, from nearly four hours to just under two, and the official score turnaround time will reduce from 10–15 days to 8–10 days.

Combined, these changes are intended to provide test takers with a better experience that values their time and reduces anxiety and fatigue, ultimately helping them to complete and submit their applications more quickly.

Join our GRE Program team as we give an overview of the changes and available resources and answer your questions.

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GRE Test Prep Workshop for Campus Educators

Join us for a complimentary on-demand GRE Test Preparation workshop. This popular 4-hour session will provide you with information that can help you create your own GRE test preparation workshop for students.

Members of the GRE Program and Assessment Development team who develop the test will present on these topics:

  • Overview of the GRE Program
  • Overview of the GRE General Test
  • Preparing for the Verbal Reasoning Measure
  • Preparing for the Quantitative Reasoning Measure
  • Preparing for the Analytical Writing Measure

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Strategies to Promote the Success of Every Student

Program completion is a top concern for many graduate programs. Yet despite pouring over applications and doing your best to predict who will succeed, students drop out or take too long to complete their degree, which is harmful to them as well as to your program’s resources and reputation. How can you ensure that the diligent efforts of your admissions committee pay off?

In this presentation, you’ll learn numerous ways you can strategically and intentionally support students as they strive to meet the expectations of your program, address nonacademic matters such as finances and housing, and navigate their own feelings of self-doubt and wanting to belong.

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Understanding Application Criteria to Make Better Admissions Decisions

The reality of graduate admissions is that programs need to make quick decisions about complete strangers based on limited information. But is there a way to improve your decision making? In this session, you’ll learn about the purpose and benefits of various components of the application packet, as well as strategies for mitigating drawbacks of each component to create a holistic, equitable process that works for your program.

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