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The GRE® Tests

Completing your view of applicant strengths

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Stop the Preference Myth

More than 360,000 individuals take the GRE test each year, with a continually increasing number of test takers indicating business as their intended graduate major field. Ensure they consider your program by clearly communicating your no-preference admissions policy.

Even though most business schools have been accepting GRE scores for over a decade, and research shows that they treat applicants equitably regardless of which test they take, there is a persistent myth that schools prefer GMAT® scores. Making small changes to the language on your website, in your application instructions and in your marketing materials could make all the difference.

Clearly convey "no preference"

Put yourself in the mindset of a prospective applicant; then review your website, brochures, view books, presentations, emails and other communications, as well as the instructions within the application portal, for subtle cues that you prefer one test over another. Check that you are clearly and consistently conveying that your program welcomes GRE scores AND that all applicants are treated equally, regardless of the test they choose to take. Make sure the GRE test isn’t treated as an afterthought, such as “Submit your GMAT scores (GRE scores are also acceptable).”

Make sure test takers can find the information they need

Link your digital communications to so your prospective applicants can easily find all the details they need to register and prepare for test day. Don't forget to mention your official GRE Institution Code. If you don't have one, start accepting scores now so you can start sharing it with future applicants.

Inform your team about your acceptance policy

Communicate your GRE scores acceptance policy to your staff, including:

  • staff and alumni who answer questions on the telephone, online or in the field.
  • your undergraduate faculty, career services center and other staff who may advise undergraduates about graduate or business school. Encourage them to download and print materials from the GRE Advisor Toolkit so they can display GRE material in their offices.

Take advantage of our acceptance resources

Make sure your school is listed correctly in the following resources:

Please notify if changes are needed.

You can find more information about communicating your policy in our Communicating GRE® Test Acceptance flyer (PDF).