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The GRE® Tests

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GRE Search Service

Put this powerful student recruitment tool to work for you

The GRE Search Service gives you the power to cost-effectively reach prospective applicants who have demonstrated graduate-level readiness through their GRE test performance. You can conveniently incorporate these qualified prospects into your ongoing recruitment campaigns because they have personally opted in to hear from programs like yours.

At $1.25 per contact, it is no wonder 700+ graduate schools are using the GRE Search Service to enhance their recruitment strategies.


Helpful features

  • The user-friendly interface lets you tap into the database of 350,000+ individuals from around the world who have already taken a decisive step toward pursuing an advanced degree. And with updates to our database twice per week, fresh names are always available.
  • Thousands of search combinations are possible with more than 30 search criteria, listed below. You can geotarget prospects within a specified radius of any location you choose, and select names based on a GRE test date or planned date of enrollment that suits your timing needs. It all adds up to a recruitment campaign you can execute with the precision you need to meet your specific goals.
  • Delegate full-access ordering privileges to up to five other members of your department for backup or to accommodate different team member roles. You can even delegate privileges to an agency that manages your marketing campaigns so they can access Search Service names on your behalf to maximize results.
  • With new names delivered to you as often as weekly through the recurring order feature, this database can quickly become an important component of your ongoing and seasonal recruitment efforts.
  • With no annual or other participation fees, you pay only for the names you need, and that includes reuse privileges enabling you to send reminder emails to the same names at no additional cost. In short, the GRE Search Service helps to make your outreach plan incredibly cost-efficient!

Customize searches for targeted recruitment campaigns

Whether you want to reach out broadly or specifically segment your search criteria, here is a sampling of the types of campaigns schools do to reach these qualified prospects.

  • discipline-specific campaigns based on undergraduate majors or intended graduate studies
  • email reminders about unique opportunities, special events and more
  • highly geotargeted campaigns to promote open houses, student fairs or regional events
  • outreach to prospective students in areas too expensive to include in your travel budget
  • campaigns to enhance diversity and potential yield


  • gender
  • U.S. citizenship status
  • ethnic background (U.S. citizens only)
  • country of citizenship
  • native language


  • world region
  • country
  • state or province (United States/Canada only)
  • geotarget using the Google Maps™ mapping service
  • postal code
  • state of permanent residence (United States only)

Educational/Employment History:

  • current educational level
  • undergraduate major field
  • postgraduate full-time work experience

Educational Objective/Intent:

  • graduate degree objective
  • enrollment preference: full-time or part-time study
  • intended graduate major field
  • preferred region of study
  • program format: online or on campus

Academic Performance:

  • self-reported overall Undergraduate Grade Point Average (UGPA)
  • self-reported UGPA in major

Academic Performance — Enhanced Insight:

  • GRE General Test
    • GRE Verbal Reasoning score bands with overall UGPA
    • GRE Verbal Reasoning score bands with UGPA in major
    • GRE Quantitative Reasoning score bands with overall UGPA
    • GRE Quantitative Reasoning score bands with UGPA in major
    • GRE Analytical Writing score bands with overall UGPA
    • GRE Analytical Writing score bands with UGPA in major
  • GRE Subject Test
    • score bands with overall UGPA
    • score bands with UGPA in major


  • GRE test date range
  • planned date of enrollment

Exclusion Options:

  • do not have an email address
  • have reported GRE scores to your institution
  • have been sent to you in a previous order
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How the GRE Search Service works

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You can also email us at if you have questions, or review the GRE Search Service FAQs (PDF).


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