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Upcoming GRE Subject Test Changes

Administration and format changes

Aligned with ETS’s mission to ensure access and equity for all students worldwide, the GRE Program is excited to announce that the GRE Subject Tests in Mathematics, Physics and Psychology are moving to a computer-delivered format after the April 2023 administration. Beginning in September 2023, the tests will be offered more often in more locations, including in test centers worldwide and at home in most countries.

In addition, the length of the Physics and Psychology Tests will be shortened so students can take them within 2 hours (rather than nearly 3 hours).

These changes are intended to bring greater accessibility, convenience and options to students around the world who want to stand out and show admissions committees they’re serious about and ready to attend competitive graduate programs. 

Discontinuation of the Chemistry Test

After the April 2023 administration, the Chemistry Test will be discontinued. Scores on the Chemistry Test will continue to be reportable for 5 years after the test date.

Additional information

The content and scope of each edition of the GRE Subject Tests is reviewed by a distinguished team of undergraduate and graduate faculty who are recommended by the preeminent disciplinary societies associated with that subject. To see which colleges and universities have representatives serving on the Committees of Examiners, view the fact sheet for each Subject Test. Please contact your Academic Partnerships contact or email us at with any questions.