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ETS® GRE® Attract, Expand and Diversify


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On-screen: [ETS® GRE® Attract, Expand and Diversity.]

Narrator – Putting your students on the path to success starts with making sure they have the skills that are required to do well in your program.

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The GRE® program is committed to helping you select a qualified and diverse applicant pool by providing a measure of academic readiness.

On-screen: [Admissions Test. Business Schools. Law Schools. Critical Thinking. Verbal Reasoning. Quantitative Reasoning. Analytical Writing.]

Narrator – The GRE® general test is an admissions test used by thousands of graduate, business, and law schools to assess skills that are fundamental for program success. These include critical thinking, verbal and quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills, and as a common objective measure, GRE® scores can help programs fairly compare applicants from different backgrounds.

On-screen: [Attract. Convenience. Test-friendly Features. Flexibility. Graduate School. Business School. Law School. Dual-degree Programs.]

Narrator – Welcoming GRE® scores without preference can help you attract more applicants to your program, because the test provides students with convenience, test friendly features, and flexibility not offered by the competition, and applicants can apply to graduate school, business school, law school, or dual-degree programs, saving them time and money.

On-screen: [Expand with 500,000+ applicants.]

On-screen: [Diversify. Business. Education. Engineering. Humanities and Arts. Law. Life Sciences. Physical Sciences. Social and Behavioral Sciences.]

Narrator – More than half a million individuals take the GRE® general test every year, offering you the opportunity to expand your applicant pool. The GRE® pipeline also offers your program the opportunity to diversify, as it provides access to applicants with broader interests and backgrounds including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

On-screen: [Diversify. 50%+]

Also, more than half of GRE® test takers are women.

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Narrator – The GRE® program provides institutions that accept GRE® scores with numerous resources and tools including online access to scores, test taker photos, and actual analytical writing essay responses, as well as access to test taker demographic and performance information to provide you a fuller context when comparing the qualifications of applicants with different educational and cultural backgrounds.

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On-screen: [GRE® Score Interpretation Resources.]

On-screen: [GRE® Guide to the Use of Scores.]

The GRE® program also helps you identify and reach applicants who will be a good fit for your program, provides online resources to help you understand and use the GRE® scores you receive, and helps you guide and prepare your students, putting you and your students on the path to success.

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On-screen: [The ETS® mission drives everything we do. Our mission is to help advance quality and equity in education by providing fair and valid assessments, research and related services. Our products and services measure knowledge and skills, promote learning and performance, and support education and professional development for all people worldwide.]

Narrator – Rooted in the mission of nonprofit ETS to help advance equity in education for all people, the GRE® program is committed to giving you confidence in your admissions decisions by providing fair and valid assessments backed by extensive research and other critical tools for success.

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For more information about the GRE® General Test and services, visit the GRE® website.

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