How the GRE Search Service Works


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On-screen: [ETS® GRE® Search Service.]

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Welcome to the GRE® Search Service. A user-friendly interface that helps you find and reach qualified prospects who have personally opted-in to hear from graduate and fellowship programs like yours.

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On-screen: [Search prospective students from around the world.]

The GRE® Search Service is a powerful, one-of-a-kind database with prospective students from around the world who have demonstrated their interest in pursuing an advanced degree by taking or planning to take a GRE® test.

Searching to find your ideal prospective students is simple – and whether you want to reach out broadly or narrow your results with highly detailed search criteria, the GRE® Search Service can help you be as comprehensive as you need.

On-screen: [(Page from ETS® GRE® Search Service. Welcome! Let’s get started.)]

On-screen: [Filter 30+ search criteria and thousands of unique search parameters.]

With more than thirty search criteria and thousands of unique combinations, you can execute recruitment campaigns with the precision you need to meet your specific goals.

On-screen: [Search key criteria: Demographic information, GPA, Hundreds of graduated major types, GRE® test date, Planned Date of Enrollment.]

Plus, the GRE® Search Service enables you to customize searches using multiple key criteria, such as demographic information, grade point average, hundreds of graduate major fields and much more. You can also select names based on GRE® test date and planned date of enrollment.

Narrow your search even further using geographic information. Search by region, country, state or postal code.

On-screen: [Search by geographic information.]

Get the turnout you’re looking for at events like open houses, student fairs and regional activities.

On-screen: [Geotarget using Google Maps™ mapping service.]

Use geotargeting to search around a particular address with the Google Maps™ mapping service.

Before committing to a purchase, you can see how many registrants meet your criteria and the estimated cost.

On-screen: [Test your search’s value. Modify search criteria.]

If needed, you can modify your criteria until you’ve captured all of the best potential recruits that align with your goals before submitting your order.

On-screen: [Updated twice per week.]

Plus, the database is updated twice per week!

On-screen: [Your GRESS search results. Your institution’s funnel. Recurring order feature. Automatically add new prospective students to your funnel.]

So, after you’ve placed an order, you can use the recurring order feature to receive names of new prospects that fit your criteria, and automatically add new prospective students to your funnel.

On-screen: [De-dupe feature. Exclude search registrants from previously placed orders.]

The de-dupe feature excludes search registrants from previously placed orders to ensure that you are reaching new potential recruits with each order you place.

The GRE® Search Service payment process is simple. With no annual or participation fees, you pay only for the names you need.

On-screen: [Only pay for the names you need.]

And that includes re-use – so you can send reminders to the same names at no cost.

On-screen: [Make your outreach plan incredibly cost efficient.]

In short, the GRE® Search Service helps to make your outreach plan incredibly cost efficient!

On-screen: [Share recruiting responsibilities with up to 5 team members.]

With full-access ordering privileges for up to five members of your department, the GRE® Search Service helps you empower your recruitment team to meet their various goals, all from a single account.

On-screen: [Delegate privileges to your marketing agency.]

You can also delegate privileges to the agency that manages your marketing campaigns so they can access Search Service names on your behalf to maximize results.

On-screen: [ETS® Sign in to the ETS® Portal. Use your ETS® Institution Portal credentials to log in.]

Signing in is simple for everyone. If you already have access to the ETS® Institution Portal for accessing the ETS® Data Manager, you can use the same credentials and password for the GRE® Search Service. And if you don’t already have an account, you can simply request access from the GRE® Search Service web page.

On-screen: [Request Access to ETS® Services for Institutions and Organizations.]

On-screen: [Simple, single sign-in. Comprehensive search capabilities. Cost-efficient payment model. Enhance your program’s recruitment strategies with the GRE® Search Service.]

From simple, single sign-in to comprehensive search capabilities and a cost efficient payment model, the GRE® Search Service can help you enhance your program’s recruitment strategies and reach your most qualified prospects to meet your goals.

On-screen: [Start your search today at or talk to a specialist at]

Start your search today at Or talk to a GRE® Search Service specialist, who can run a sample search for you, based on your desired criteria.

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