Getting Assistance


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NARRATOR: If you experience a technical issue during a TOEFL® at home test, here's how to get help right away. To contact the proctor, just speak to get their attention. The proctor will usually respond right away, but it may take 30 to 60 seconds since they are also monitoring other test takers. If the proctor is trying to chat with you, the log-me-in chat icon with the blue owl will flash or bounce to get your attention.

If you get disconnected from the test but you still have internet service, go to the page where you launched your test. There you can try to reconnect to the test or connect to a ProctorU® representative through live chat. If you are unable to connect with the proctor or live chat, you can call ProctorU for assistance. For more tips about being ready for test day, visit the TOEFL website.